the eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison.

Psalm 139

'Search me, oh God, and know my thoughts!
Try me, and know my heart!’

What a heavy thing to ask of The Lord, and yet, even though the Psalmist already understood how he had been known by God since the womb, he continues to ask. How important it must be to understand this.

I learned recently about how a vinedresser works. He looks to every branch, feels down to the very core, and determines how to help it. He mends, tunes, and refines until the branch can be fully alive.

We are not yet fully alive. We need the Vinedresser to refine us constantly… To know our hearts. And we need to know that he needs to do those things.

For He loves us.
“Wonderful are Your works,
My soul knows it very well.”

If I’m honest I have to tell you I still read fairy-tales and I like them best of all.

—Audrey Hepburn

HTTYD: How I’m coping tonight

-Now, you’re thinkin’ about this all wrong. It’s not so much what you look like, it’s what’s *inside* that he can’t stand.

-Thank you for summing that up.

My life. 

My life. 

Stand still at the Jordan and wait upon the Lord.
His Ark will go before you and moderate the storm.
And though you may feel insignificant in the footsteps of a leader,
Your voice rings just as loud in the ears of those who hear.
He will give you a voice, a reason to stand.
Give you a heart, to stretch out your hands.
Do not be afraid as the torments rush around you.
Stand still at the Jordan,
Jesus will astound you.

—Found this old journal entry of mine from some years ago…

Thank you, Sara Watkins